Factory Light Festival 2016

Factory Light festival

A long long time ago, in Slemmestad. On the 16th and 17th September 2016, the second installment of Factory Light Festival took place. Our presentation was called, loosely translated, "Parklike landscaping", and was a comment on how we seek to shape nature to our wishes.
Maybe it was also a desperate need to defend my own hesitation to trim the hedges in my own garden, y´know, out of some artistic principle about humanity´s relationship with nature.

Factory Light festival 2016Factory Light festival 2016
Factory Light FestivalFactory Light Festival

Trees are chaotic, but only in a Jackson Pollock kind of way
- when you look closer they´re very, very patterned, structured and organized. 
— in Slemmestad, Buskerud, Norway.

We also got to test Harman Martin´s new outdoor LED gobo/animation fixture filling the silo on the right:

Factory Light Festival 2016Factory Light Festival 2016
Factory Light FestivalFactory Light Festival